Sync your tapes between devices

Sync your tapes between devices

This July, we've added cloud backups and synchronisation between devices to Tape It. While your tapes were always backed up as part of your iCloud backup if you had enabled those, you couldn't automatically share them between your iPhone and, say, your iPad. Now your tapes are automatically synced - and backed up, regardless of your iCloud settings.

As a consequence, Tape It now requires an account, but fear not: with Sign In with Apple, signing up is literally a single tap. No entering your email, password and name; just confirm with Touch ID or Face ID and you're good to go.

We rolled out this update gradually over the course of July, and since everything worked perfectly, it's now available to all users.

This update lays the foundation for an even more exciting feature that we've been wanting to build since day one: sharing. In fact, shared mixtapes are just around the corner - expect some exciting news very soon.

In the meantime, enjoy the summer. Pro tip: use your time outdoors to make field recordings. That way, any trip to the beach can easily be excused as collecting material for your next production ;-).