Christmas Special

Christmas Special

We have a little Christmas special for you:

Invite a friend to Tape It, and you both get a month of the paid features for free!

This special is running for the rest of December. To invite a friend, just open the updated app - the button is hard to miss.

We hope this helps more people in their songwriting. And who knows, maybe one of you writes a song that finally (finally!) replaces Mariah Carey and WHAM next year.

Enjoy the holidays, and merry Christmas!


PS: Yes, if you invite five friends, you get five months. So hurry up to be the first one to share Tape It with all your friends 😉.

PPS: Because of limitations in the App Store payment systems, we can't grant free months to users who are already paying, but only to users who are using the free version of the app. We know it's disappointing for some of you - unfortunately, only Apple can fix that.