Organise Your Recordings In Mixtapes

Organise Your Recordings In Mixtapes

Happy new year! 🎊 We have something special for you to kick off 2022.

Introducing Mixtapes

This was the number one feature you asked for. You can now group your tapes into mixtapes.

When you add a tape to a mixtape, it directly shows on the tape. It's a small touch, but makes all the difference when you scroll through your tapes. You can instantly see which tapes you already organised and where.

Design Updates

This update ships a ton of design improvements. First off are our brand new instrument icons. Take a look, they're gorgeous:

We also improved small things in every single part of the app. For example, we now group your tapes by month instead of by day. All of this was driven by your input, and we're really really grateful for your feedback.

Enjoy the update!